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Anakkulam is nearly 15 km away from Munnar Tea Estate.

Anakkulam is a fully forest surrounded village in Idukki district in the Indian state of Kerala. This village was part of the Mankulam Grama Panchayath. it is surrounded by reserve forests and two tributaries of Periyar, namely, Ittacholayaar and Nallathanniyar wets and nourishes this land. With the limited areas there are many water falls. Three of them stand with in the first ten great water falls. This is the only village in the world with its varied temperature

Stunning waterfalls oozing the natural spirit of anakkulam.

These majestic waterfalls of Anakkulam stand unique with its pristine beauty and attractiveness. There is facility to view and photograph wild elephants safetly. The herd strength includes young calf and the mighty tuskers. Each heard consists of fifteen to twenty elephants. Take adventure to the next level. We offer trekking in the jungle exploring everything of wildlife. A unique and thrilling experience in the wilderness, that’s what we aim to provide

Mattupetty Dam near Munnar in Idukki District

Strong storage Concrete Gravity dam built in the mountains of Kerala, India to conserve water for hydroelectricity. It has been a vital source of power, yielding along with other such dams, huge revenue to the states.The large amount of available water flourish wild animals and birds .

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